Steve Phillips

Steve Phillips

Tenure at SURVICE
26 years 7 months
Company Title
Information Systems and Technology Department Manager

Mr. Stephen Phillips is the Corporate Information Technology (IT) Manager at SURVICE Engineering. He is a 1997 graduate of the University of Maryland at Baltimore County with a degree in mathematics. Mr. Phillips has been with SURVICE since 1996.

As the Corporate IT Manager, Mr. Phillips oversees all IT-related activities at SURVICE's corporate office as well as each of SURVICE's operations across the U.S. He establishes and oversees IT-related goals, operational planning and execution, process development and improvement, and compliance. Previous to his position as IT manager, Mr. Phillips helped develop SURVICE’s internal IT structures, the AJEM CMA tracking website, the ShopPlan scheduling system, and SURVIAC database applications. Mr. Phillips has performed numerous IT-related activities for SURVICE, and has been integral to supporting the company's operation, geographic, personnel, and fiscal growth.

Prior to joining SURVICE, Mr. Phillips worked in the IT department at Conestoga Wood Specialties in Darlington, Maryland.

He is also active in the community, coaching several youth sports teams in the Perryville-Port Deposit area.