SURVICE executes HEL analyses that determine platform vulnerabilities, HEL tool development, testing through material and system damage characterization.

As HELs become viable weapons, and credible threats, SURVICE has worked with our Government partners to bring our expertise in the fields of survivability and lethality analysis of kinetic-energy threats to the laser-energy area. The following is a sampling of capabilities and services offered by SURVICE as it relates to HEL:

  • Execute HEL analyses that determine platform vulnerabilities.
  • Develop new and novel methodologies for HEL survivability and lethality assessments and engagement modeling.
  • Develop software tools to implement those methodologies for use by SURVICE and by our Government partners.
  • Increase the fidelity and accuracy of HEL survivability and lethality modeling while decreasing run-times, allowing thousands of engagement conditions to be run faster than in real time.
  • Support HEL testing through material and system damage characterization as well as the evaluation of survivability enhancement materials.