Who We Are

A nationally recognized leader in system protection, enhancement, and enabling technologies.

In 1981, Jim Foulk, an early leader in aircraft survivability, founded a small company with just a few people in northeastern Maryland to support the U.S. Warfighter with unparalleled survivability services, hence the name SURVICE.

Today, with approximately 400 employees and numerous locations across the country, the SURVICE Engineering Company continues to provide these unparalleled services, particularly in combat system protection, enhancement, and enabling technologies. In addition, we have continued to grow to match the needs of our customers, expanding and enhancing our capabilities to support the DoD community, as well as Homeland Security, advanced technologies, environmental, and commercial markets. But we have also worked hard to retain the original vision upon which SURVICE was founded—to provide the Warfighter with the safest, most survivable, and most effective equipment possible.