Dimensional Inspection


    SURVICE has world-class metrology facilities and technical staff with requisite training, certification, and experience to use a variety of precision dimensional inspection processes and tools to inspect, align, and certify parts, assemblies, fixtures, installations, and facilities. 

    SURVICE maintains a comprehensive suite of portable and fixed contact and laser-scanning technologies, including FARO CMM Arms and Laser Trackers; Breuckmann structured light scanner; Mantis F5 hand-held video-based structured light scanner; Nikon large-volume/high-power x-ray computed tomography (CT) scanners; and Aicon photogrammetry equipment.  We possess the capability, personnel, and facilities to use virtually all types of metrology equipment on the market, both at our facilities and at remote sites, including Surphasers, Faro Focus 3Ds, Total Stations and other precision scanning and surveying equipment.  Our metrology software includes industry-standard tools, such as FARO Insight and CAM2, PolyWorks, GeoMagic, Spatial Analyzer, MAGICS, FOCUS Inspection, DezignWorks, RapidForm, and Rhino 3D; and we can work with all major commercial CAD packages.  SURVICE maintains multiple seats of SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Creo/ProEngineer CAD software, and we have a proven software engineering capability to develop in-house tools to meet custom requirements.  In short, this hardware and software tool suite represents the latest and most advanced metrology technology.

    Whether scanning a large vehicle, measuring a stator at a hydroelectric powerplant, or inspecting a small part, the most efficient tools and processes to capture the required level of detail and accuracy will be determined and applied.  In addition, SURVICE Engineering maintains a staff of approximately 350 scientists, engineers, mathematicians, analysts, technicians and administrative support staff to provide reach-back support as needed for our customers.  From data analysis and visualization to software development and finite element analysis, this comprehensive support is truly Beyond Measure™.

    Summary of use cases for SURVICE Metrology’s experience and expertise:

    • Provide precision inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies for quality assurance, and/or acceptance.
    • Facilitate the transition of designs to production – design, inspect tooling, jigs, fixtures.
    • Accurately and efficiently examine and model mounting space, geometries, attachment points, and integration options – in parametric, editable formats.
    • Explore integration options without actual fabrication or mock-up
    • Provide accurate, as-built geometric model inputs for structural and thermal analyses, RF propagation, and other engineering studies.
    • Rapidly generate geometric files of objects for archiving, documentation, viewing, measuring, data sharing, illustration, and training.