Focus Areas/Special Technologies

SURVICE possesses a wide array of in-house specialized technologies, capabilities, and focus areas that complement our core business areas.
SURVICE develops machine-learning solutions across multiple domains to provide innovative capabilities in image analysis, data-driven models and simulation, nonlinear prediction, estimation, and control.
SURVICE is partnering with experts in academia and industry to leverage the high-strength, low-weight advantages of composite materials and integrate them on the battlefield and beyond.
SURVICE’s Enhanced Coherent Laser Radar (E-CLR), originally developed for the Northrop Grumman F-35 center-fuselage assembly line, is one of the most accurate noncontact dimensional inspection tools in existence.
SURVICE Fire Works (SFW) is a dedicated team that is equipped with the tools and expertise to better understand, assess, test, and mitigate the fire threat to military and commercial platforms and facilities.
SURVICE executes HEL analyses that determine platform vulnerabilities, HEL tool development, testing through material and system damage characterization.
Leveraging the latest technologies to provide innovative solutions for today's toughest problems.
SURVICE has recently added nuclear vulnerability and hardness assessments to our company’s suite of survivability and lethality capabilities.
SURVICE’s self-sealing fuel containment technology provides current and new fuel tank bladders/designs with a robust, lightweight, and easily integrated multi-hit solution.
Though the idea of an eVTOL vehicle for the forward edge of the battlefield is not new, the revolution in low-power computer processing, high-efficiency electric motors, and composite materials has helped turn this idea into reality.
From the ground up, TurboPK was built for speed. Calculations that once took hours can now be performed in mere minutes or even seconds, providing analysts and decision-makers with the flexibility to explore many “what if” scenarios.
SURVICE is supporting the development of analytical wargaming tools through software verification and validation as well as comparative concept evaluations.