SURVICE Metrology provides innovative and integrated dimensional inspection services, reverse engineering, 3-D modeling, and metrology application development.

SURVICE is uniquely positioned to offer DoD and non-DoD customers specialized, high-precision metrology (i.e., measurement), modeling, and related services. These services—which can be performed at a customer site or at our full-service Metrology centers—include reverse engineering, target exploitation, rapid prototyping, dimensional inspection, pre- and post-test damage assessment, 3-D geometric modeling, metrology integration support (for manufacturing and assembly), and metrology tool application and development.


Based on our close working relationship with leading manufacturers in the metrology industry, SURVICE Metrology is in a unique position to help influence, integrate, and customize metrology technology and software tools to best fit our customers’ needs. 
Need equipment for a project, but it’s not in the budget? Whether you need it for a day, a week, or month, SURVICE Metrology offers several rental options to meet your needs and help you get the job done.
SURVICE Metrology not only provides you with the hardware and software you need, but we also have a knowledgeable and experienced staff available to offer support. We can provide training at our facility or on-site.
SURVICE Metrology uses the latest data processing, modeling, and CAD software packages to develop detailed solid, surface, and/or hybrid 3-D models in a variety of geometric file formats.  We also have extensive experience modifying and enhancing existing models as well as converting models to other geometric formats.
SURVICE has world-class metrology facilities and technical staff with requisite training, certification, and experience to use a variety of precision dimensional inspection processes and tools to inspect, align, and certify parts, assemblies, fixtures, installations, and facilities. 
SURVICE Metrology has extensive experience in providing dimensional measurement services for hydro-electric power plants throughout the United States and Canada. This work has included verifying rotor dimensions, developing stator construction procedures, and inspecting turbine pits using our photogrammetry and laser tracking methods.
With years of experience collecting geometric data on a wide range of applications, we understand the processes and requirements for effective measurement.  We keep abreast of metrology industry’s latest trends and technologies and have assembled a comprehensive toolkit of both contact and noncontact measurement equipment and supporting software to meet our customers’ unique needs.  Regardless of an object’s size or complexity, we have the experience and capability to scan, digitize, measure, and model it.