Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons (RF DEWS) For Unconventional Electronic Attack (UEA)

John Tatum
Publication Type
Fact Sheet

When estimating the lethality of an RF DEW or to harden/protect U.S. military systems and infrastructure from an adversary’s RF DEW, SURVICE determines how much RF energy is required on the target to produce an effect (i.e., system susceptibility/vulnerability level). We first conduct a target functional analysis to identify possible critical mission components.  Next, we identify the ports of entry (POEs) for RF energy into the target and associated entry paths to the components. Then we characterize the entry path in terms the POE’s effective area, the entry path’s transmission loss, and RF power required to affect the component. Based on these parameters, we can estimate the susceptibility level of a target system. These estimates are useful in helping to guide an experimental evaluation of the target system to measure its susceptibility level as a function of the RF DEW parameters, such as transmitted power, frequency, pulse width and repetition rate, antenna gain, and engagement angle. Finally, we use the measured target susceptibility levels to determine the effective radiated power (ERP) required for an RF DEW to engage a target at a user’s desired engagement range.