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Advanced Autonomous Self-Sealing Fuel Containment Technology Fact Sheet
Agile Acquisition IDIQ- Small Business Fact Sheet
Aircraft Armor Design Fact Sheet
Aircraft Engine Vulnerability Fact Sheet
An Integrating Framework for Interdisciplinary Military Analyses Presentation
An Introduction to Ground Combat System Ballistic Vulnerability/Lethality Analysis Monograph
An Overview of Blast and Its Effect on Combat Systems Monograph
Application of the Missions and Means Framework to Combat System Requirements, Development, and Refinement Presentation
Applied Technology Operation (ATO) Fact Sheet
Applying Modeling and Simulation Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A) Techniques to Test and Laboratory Facilities Presentation
Applying Risk Based MS VVA Tech to Test Facilities Paper
Applying Risk-Based M&S VV&A Techniques to Test and Laboratory Facilities Paper
ARGUS Crowd Sourced Bathymetry Fact Sheet
ARGUS: Enviable Technology, Unlimited Potential Article
Ballistic Equations: A Compilation of Equations and Methods for Evaluation of Parameters Relevant to Penetration, Blast Effects, and Crater Formation Monograph
CH-53K Heavy Lift Helicopter: A Surivability Focused Design Presentation
Comments on Physics-Based Modeling & Simulation in Support of T&E Requirements Presentation
Composite Electronic Enclosure Fact Sheet
Cyber Survivability & Security Fact Sheet
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) & Spectrum Management (SM) Fact Sheet
End Game Qualification Methodology for Rotorcraft Actual Navigational Performance Paper Paper