Transition Resources


  • RallyPoint:  Connect with service members and veterans on the largest military network.
  • LinkedIn:  Build and engage with your professional network.
  • Veterati:  A digital mentorship platform to support the military community in pursuing their dreams.


Gather Intel

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce:  A comprehensive list of tasks and information for your transition plan.
  • GI Jobs:  A packed guide full of every tip and topic you need to know about before you transition.
  • Military:  A variety of assets and articles about transitioning from the military to civilian life.


Choose Your Path

  • GI Bill Benefits:  Discover what education benefits you are eligible for.
  • Vet Roadmap:   A step-by-step plan to help you find a civilian job.
  • IVMF:  A training program designed to give veterans and their families skills to successfully own a business.


Connect the Dots


Military-to-Civilian Translation Tools:


Sample Translation Examples

  • Commander = Director or Senior Manager
  • Executive Officer = Deputy Director
  • Field Grade Officer = Executive or Manager
  • Company Grade Officer = Operations Manager or Section Manager
  • Warrant Officer = Technical Specialist or Department Manager
  • Senior NCOs = First-Line Supervisor
  • Infantry = Security Force
  • First Sergeant = Personnel Manager
  • Squad Leader = Team Leader or Team Chief
  • Supply Sergeant = Supply Manager or Logistics Manager
  • Operations NCO = Operations Supervisor
  • AI = additionally skilled in
  • combat = hazardous conditions
  • company = company, department, or section
  • medal = award
  • military personnel office = human resources
  • mission = task/function/objective
  • military occupation specialty/classification = career specialty
  • squad/platoon = team or section
  • reconnaissance = data collection and analysis
  • regulations = policy or guidelines
  • security clearance = security clearance
  • service members = employees
  • subordinates = employees
  • TAD/TDY = business trip