Please join SURVICE employee Dr. Christiaan Gribble, High-Performance Computing Director and Principal Research Scientist at the Applied Technology Operation, for the 2021 SOLAR Ray Tracing Consortium
SURVICE Employee Jonathan Bennett
Happy STEM Day! SURVICE employee Jonathan Bennett is involved in coaching a First Lego League (FLL) Challenge team. FLL Challenge is a program that helps teach engineering principles to 4-8th graders
LFT&E Fall 2021
Taught by former OSD Director of Live Fire for DOT&E, Mr. James F. O’Bryon, this 3-day, intensive Short Course takes a multifaceted look at the legislation, directives, requirements, preparation
Technology Spotlight
Drive shaft from CH-53K
INTRODUCTION The selection and application of advanced composite materials play a critical role in the quest for improving performance of air and ground vehicles to meet ever-changing requirements...
Notable Contract
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Conduct a variety of activities centered on collecting (including identification and access), analyzing, synthesizing/processing, and disseminating scientific and technical information across the
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